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    Archive for May 2008

    Yesterday & Today

    Yesterday & Today

    Original entry posted on 24 May 2008 in previous blog


    It seemed to be a great day though I have no idea why is that so.

    We went to eat Claypot Rice at ChinaTown and I was given a treat. The portion was extremely large and the 8 of us ordered 2 pots – and eventually 4 of us failed to finish it. I mean it’s huge and what’s 4 females supposed to do…

    Then we went back to office.. but apparently they had a secret mission – getting a birthday cake for one of my colleague, whose birthday is on next week[they made a mistake thanks to HR], but they continued with the celebration and I say that mango cake is freaking nice!

    As for afternoon treat, we got banana cake. Then all of us including me, are given a $20 Swensens voucher and were allowed to leave at 5.30pm instead of the usual knock off time. Apparently that’s their tradition though I have no idea why is that so…

    So I treated my parents to Swensens using the voucher + the $5 NP voucher. I still prefer the curry baked rice to salmon and mushroom’s, though my mum’s half chicken tasted equally delicious. All in all, friday was great.


    So I met Qinglin and Shuxin[she wants to tag along after missing out her own NUS open house]. We went to Ntu’s first and the talks are ok though Sx kept suggesting that the person who ‘ermm’ a lot is kinda ‘l-ing’. I kept telling her that’s due to lack of practice like our OP initially. She’s not convinced. Anyway I can only say I’m still 80% and since we didn’t make it to NTU due to our stupid hopeless way of identifying the correct bus stop and were eventually sent back to the same interchange, that 20% will still remain until
    Just heard from my primary school friend that Quan Finance is extremely difficult to get into. Stats too. I think % dropping to 15 liao. Teng Lee didn’t do that well too H2 wised, but then her GP is slightly better than mine, and she went into Combined Math and Econs. Like many out there, she’s appealing for accountancy. So I guess I’m in for a frightening future I guess.

    Anyway after our little ‘adventure’, we went to Orchard to window shop at Takashimaya and shop at Far East-Ql did anyway. So we shopped for 2 hours I think – walked through all shops there…

    So that’s Yesterday & Today.

    I’m beat… off to bed

    Let’s talk about food~!

    Let's talk about food~!

    Original entry posted on 20 May 2008 in previous blog

    I have decided to blog about the delicious food that I ate for free at work. Though I missed 3 fridays due to my stupid stomach and flu, I still get to enjoy the delicious snacks!

    Venus : My workplace
    Time check : Around 3pm to 4pm, Every friday
    Event : Snack time!

    Items that we have so far –
    ; Cake from … dunno
    ; Ice cream from … dunno [I missed it – was on MC]
    ; Donut from forgot the name
    ; Muffin from coffee bean~
    ; Madeline Treats from coffee bean~
    ; Apple Crepe from Ritz Apple~

    Also I missed the Häagen-Dazs ice-cream which was the snack for the day I went for interview[Friday], which is 3 days before I start work officially [Monday]… Haiz..

    Anyway I hope there’ll be more great food coming~!~!

    [Wonders why my Last fm doesn’t load…]

    experience new food

    experience new food

    Original entry posted on 15 May 2008 in previous blog

    I guess this is another slow week for me even though I get to go home around 6 – which is a miracle since I used to worked to 9.. Anyway I guess this is an unsusal week –

    Well I must say today is the first time I ever have any real Korean related food / I’m devoted to Japan you see.. and I have only tried instant Korean noodles…

    I went out for lunch with my colleagues/boss and we went to Manna Korean Restaurant at Telok Ayer Street. They say the real noodles are Maggi mee liked- so I ordered the set lunch rice + BBQ chicken instead.

    Apparently they provide side dishes too and we are allowed to enjoy 2 flows of them i think. Most of them are vege – kimchi, their version of seaweed, beansprout… and their version of ‘pancake’? I tried the’pancake’ – not too bad, though I prefer their BBQ chicken more. Their soup (comes with the set) is good too though it tastes a little like fishball soup + something else.. I like the soup cause it’s not those weird ones…

    I guess Korean BBQ are good though it will be even better if it’s a little spicy/-

    Weekends coming and I have the urge to watch What Happens in Vegas… But then again I have never watched movies alone [though I can start to] and I’m broke from my shopping spree last week. Quite sad – I wonder how am I going to survive when I enter uni.

    Oh yeah I realise NTU has this Language programme and Japanese is included! From what I read, it seems to be under the unrestricted electives and it’s 3 AUs. However I’m not sure if it’s 3AUs per level or altogether [it has 6 levels and since my Jap is learn-from-anime-and-listening-to-Jap-songs…] I hope I can get into the programme without much problem – thanks to this, I’m 80% set and settle in NTU/ I’m sure NUS also has one [my aunt studied that in the past] but then again the choice that I’m given is frankly not that desirable even with NUS’s name. However I like NUS’s environment more and I had spent my younger days in their Kent Ridge, swimming in the children’s pool, watching tv, eating their delicious chicken rice and most importantly, playng their video games – thus my 20% of relunctance.

    Haiz this is hard and I always seemed to be at their 2nd place so I most probably will bring terror to people in the future and this will not be my fault/ they decided on my future when they rejected my less terrorizing choice… and they should be prepared for it heh..

    Shopping spreeeeeeeee

    Shopping spreeeeeeeee

    Original entry posted on 10 May 2008 in previous blog

    Yup I finally bought my long awaited tops from Giordano.. I went to CP then NP before I finally found the color and size of my choice… Actually the trip to CP is totally wasted since I didn’t even visit the lib – i headed straight for Gio then just went to NP immediately…

    Then I found some bargains at Esprit and bought 2 more tops and a skirt.

    All in all I spent hours in the fitting room and eventually gave that $70 away to the cashiers…

    Since NP’s giving away $5use-only-at-NP-voucher, I spent another $12 at Mac in order to reach the min $80 requirement…

    Then bought Parmesan cheese for my Spaghetti cooking tonight.. I wonder if it’ll be nice since this is my first time adding cheese to my Spaghetti.

    On yeah – I was on the phone with Sx just now. Finally told her about my offered course and finally got info from her during my MIA period. Looks like Ql will be my coursemate-
    Both maine and Rachel haven got their letters though maine got her SIM’s. I hope they will get theirs soon…