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    Archive for June 2008

    Protected: Dearest arrival

    Dearest arrival

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    It’s friday~!

    It's friday~!

    So here I am.. to talk about my weekly friday tea snack courtersy of my company.

    Today we had Chocolate Delight from Coffee Bean! Since many were either on leave or mc, I got to eat 2 cakes. My fav.. is if I’m not wrong Opera Cake [is it the one with white chocolate on top?] As usual I’m looking very forward to next friday~

    Anyway I was given another treat by my other boss. Actually the lunch’s supposed to be a farewell lunch to one of the tech people then our department just joined in the gathering and went to this new Jap place called Sapporo Trip Japanese Fusion Sakaba. It’s a little like Waraku, where there’s Japanese food and Italian pasta. I tried the omelette curry set and it’s quite good – though my boss felt that the curry was too sweet for her taste. As usual, I gave away the free salad that the set comes with.. as for the miso soup.. well it just comfirmed my suspicions – my tongue’s not attuned to the taste.

    Anyway I can say that this is a delicious week…

    Oh yeah I have received my Matriculation Package… Does that mean my appeal has failed?



    Ladies and Gentlemen

    To all HYD Sg fans

    Hi! Patron

    Thank you for your email.

    I am pleased to inform you that the movie – Hana Yori Dango will be opening to the public on 21 August. Pertaining to the other movie, we have no idea whether it will be screened in Singapore.

    Thank you for taking your time to write to us.

    Best Regards


    Counting down to 21 Aug 2008..

    she left…

    she left...

    Yup the intern has left. But I have no idea if it’s time for her to leave aka school’s calling or it’s because she’s not needed?

    Well if the reason’s the 2nd one… I have certainly learnt a lot then – the dos and don’ts when one is interning in this kind of area…

    Anyway we went to eat this Claypot Laska near our workplace. It’s quite good though one suppose that prawn laska should have more prawns than clams?

    Oh yeah my last friday’s office snack was Donuts from Donut Empire (formerly known as Munchy Donut)..

    Monthly closing

    Monthly closing

    As usual now’s the month end closing and the past few days? I have been rushing out invoices which might become useless since the currency they are in.. is different from what the agreement states. And this means 150 invoices going down the drain!

    I just hope that some miracle will happen and that the currency that the invoices are raised in, is correct…

    ♫ Tackey & Tsubasa – 恋詩 -コイウタ- (Koi uta)

    Kanji/Kana version

    (翼)いつもすぐそばに いつでも届く距離に
    いたのに見落とした 俯いていたから

    ポッカリ空いた君との時間 あの日の涙を
    拭えずまた思い出すよ 忘れられないんだよ

    ねぇ覚えてる ねぇ聴こえる

    伝え損ねた想いがまた 僕の心かき乱すよ
    この悲しみもねぇいつかは 微笑みに変わるかな


    今更だって思うんだけど どうしようもなくて
    懲りずにまた思い出すよ 滲んでゆく恋文

    もう会えないの 例えばほらこの痛み和らいだ頃
    ねぇ会いたいよ 偶然でも僕は構わないから

    少しくたびれた心 温もりを降らす雨
    ジンと染みるこの胸に 憂い歌う君への詩

    (滝)ねぇ会いたいよ ねぇ会えないの こんなにも想ってるのに

    伝え損ねた想いもほら そっと包み込む恋詩

    Romaji version

    (Tackey) Hosoi rojiura ni saiteru hana no you ni
    Dare mo kidzukanai sakaseta koi kokoro
    (Tsubasa) Itsumo sugu soba ni itsudemo todoku kyori ni
    Ita no ni miotoshita utsumuiteita kara

    Pokkari aita kimi to no jikan ano hi no namida wo
    Nuguezumata omoidasu yo wasurerarenain da yo

    Nee oboeteru, nee kikoeru
    Sugita koto no you ni omou kedo
    Nee sono koe mo, sono shigusa mo
    Boku wa mada oboeteru

    Tsutae sokoneta omoi ga mata boku no kokoro kaki midasu yo
    Kono kanashimi mo, nee itsuka wa hohoemi ni kawaru kana?

    (Tackey) Kureru machinami ni honyari ukanda tsuki
    (Tsubasa) Fuwari to tsutsumikomu ajisai iro no kimi

    Imasara datte omoun dakedo, dou shiyou mo nakute
    Korizu ni mata, omoidasu yo, nijinde yuku koibumi

    Mou aenai no tatoeba hora kono itami yawaraida koro
    Nee aitai yo, guuzen demo, boku wa kamawanai kara

    Sukoshi kutabireta kokoro, nukumori wo furasu ame
    Jinto shimiru kono mune ni, urei utau kimi e no uta

    (Tackey) Nee aitai yo, nee aenai no, konna ni mo omotteru no ni
    (Tsubasa) Nee sono koe mo, sono shigusa mo, boku wa mada oboeteru

    Tsutae sokoneta omoi mo hora sotto tsutsumikomu koiuta
    Kono kanashimi mo, nee itsuka wa hohoemi ni kawaru darou?

    Lyrics taken from Garten