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    Archive for September 2008

    Otsuka Ai – Kurage, Nagareboshi

    Otsuka Ai - Kurage, Nagareboshi

    Otsuka Ai – クラゲ、流れ星 (Kurage, Nagareboshi)

    tooi kono kyori maiban no you ni
    aitakutemo aenai atama no doko ka ni aru
    sukoshi zureteru no kana kono hoshi zora sae mo
    anata mo onaji you ni omotte kureteru no?

    kurage, nagareboshi mitsukeraretara
    anata no namae wo omoi ukaberu yo
    donna iyana toko shitteiru no ni
    anata no koto konna ni suki da yo

    koi shiteiru sonna fuu ni yobu no kana?
    wasureyou to sureba suru hodo hoshiku naru
    sonna ni anata to atashi machigau no
    doushite mo futari ni wa narenai

    kurage, nagareboshi mitsukerarezu ni
    anata no kotoba mo wasurechai sou da yo
    tatta hitotsu shinjiteiru tsuyosa ga areba
    kurushiku naku suki de irareru no kana
    kurage, nagareboshi mitsukeraretara
    anata no namae wo omoi ukaberu yo
    donna iyana toko mo shitteiru no ni
    anata no koto konna ni suki da yo

    远いこの距离 毎晩のように
    会いたくても 会えない 头のどこかにある
    この星空さえも あなたも
    同じように 思ってくれてるの
    「恋している」 そんな风に呼ぶのかな


    Far far away, like every other night,
    This feeling of “wanting to meet you, yet being unable to” lingers somewhere in my mind
    Am I thinking amiss?
    Starry sky, do you also think so?

    Whenever I find a jellyfish or shooting star,
    your name floats into my mind
    No matter how imperfect you are
    I like you so much

    I wonder if you can call this love?
    Whenever I try to forget you, I end up loving you even more
    Is my wish to be together,
    really unattainable?

    Whenever I can’t find a jellyfish or shooting star
    It’s as though I’d forget your words
    If there was just one thing that I could strongly believe in
    then could I simply stay in love with you?

    Whenever I find that jellyfish or shooting star,
    your name floats into my mind
    It doesn’t matter how imperfect you are
    I can’t help but love you

    credits: Okaeri
    Ok this is my 2nd fav song from Ai.. it has the same style as Planetarium.

    Bought Best Fiction & A COMPLETE

    Bought Best Fiction & A COMPLETE

    Yes and I have spent a fortune on it.. $53.80.

    Below are the pictures:

    Now listening the the Chinese version of Who.. for the first time. And I like it! Hey I can understand 90% of Ayu’s chinese!

    uh- la la la…

    最难以渡过谁陪我 陪著我一直不放手
    当泪流在眼眸 是谁让我依靠诉说?
    有了快乐欢笑时候 和谁享受?
    曾有过和我双手紧紧握 是谁?

    我和你分开两端 别离渡过的夜晚
    只见月娘在天边 泪一点一滴流
    我和你分开两端 别离渡过的夜晚
    只见月娘在天边 泪一直流

    真的坚强 怎样才对 让我心明白的人那是谁?
    又曾是谁 温柔以对 那感觉让我有体会?
    有了谁 让我才会 开始想迈步去追?
    希望谁 手指放我发间 轻轻抚慰?
    是谁有 耐心守著陪著我 不放弃念头?

    我曾有 没有方向迷路的时候
    也有过 长路漫漫那种感受
    只能够 喃喃自语地对自己说

    但愿今天到永久 祈祷这歌声能够
    能传到你左右 在你身边停留
    但愿今天到永久 祈祷这歌声能够
    能传到你左右 陪你停留

    但愿今天到永久 祈祷这歌声能够
    能传到你左右 在你身边停留
    但愿今天到永久 祈祷这歌声能够
    能传到你左右 陪你停留


    PS: How come no one knows how to solve the questions? I’m so dead on Monday!



    A little, esp after reading & commenting on Selena’s entry.

    At least I can truely believe that I’m not that only one who’s alone. In fact she has pointed out all my fear. I do hope she can head for Japan eventually despite being disappointed by her travelmate at the last moment. We, fellow KK fans, must stick together. Hope she will work out things with fluffy and have a smashing time in Japan.

    I wonder if I EVER EVER do save enough for the flight, concert tickets and cd shopping in Japan, will I have anyone to accompany me? Afterall my J-pop soulmate search is hopeless in school, hell it has been 6 weeks and the number of new friends that I have made is less than 15, and sad to say all of them come from my faculty. I seriously see the downside of joing a club that does not have regular sessions. Please let JAC have more activities that I will like to join.

    Ok I really have to go back to my Maths mugging. I can already see myself in the LT, dying slowly as I read the questions for the test. And thanks to that stupid Mass Balance tutorial, I can’t get my $20. Stupid stupid tutorial.

    [Movie] Kurosagi – 18 Sept 2008

    [Movie] Kurosagi - 18 Sept 2008


    Rating: PG
    Genre: Suspense, Drama
    Language: Japanese
    Subtitles: Chinese and English Subtitles
    Director: Yasuharu Ishii
    Cast: Tomohisa Yamashita, Maki Horikita, Sho Aikawa, Tstomu Yamazaki
    Runtime: 128mins

    Official Website:

    Based on the best-selling manga, Kurosagi, and popular Japanese TV series. The victim of a fraud artist, a man commits suicide with his family. The only one who survives is his son, Takashi Kurosaki. Kurosaki vows revenge on all the scam artists that infest this world. The path he chooses is that of the ‘Black Swindler’…

    The movie has been added to the coming soon page!

    So should I watch it? After all, Thursday’s my OMG-I’ll-sure-fail-my-Math-quiz day.. then the following week is Recess!
    But then again… I barely know him/story. Should I spend $6 on it?  Or should I save that and spend it on Namie’s Best Fiction, Hitomi’s Flare and mihimaru GT’s mihimarise? ($6 is obviously not enough for 3 albums.. but it does play an important part…)

    IF I indeed go and watch… I’ll NOT buy popcorn AGAIN for I’ll most likely be going alone again and then be 1/2min late for movie again thanks to the very-long-popcorn queue.  If I’m not wrong, I saw some one bringing in a bag of outside food, maybe I shall do that if I’m going so as to prevent the being late thingy.

    I have watched Hanadan!

    I have watched Hanadan!

    Yes I went to catch the movie this afternoon alone and I was 1 or 2 min late thanks to the very-long-popcorn queue… So I know nothing before the drive towards vegas… which I think is just 1 or 2 min only..
    Anyway the movie is ok. It might not be like those huge production.. but it does have what I want to see and I’m glad to say that this is well spent money.
    Well I can only say the hotel suite that they had used is ultra super big!!! I’ll DIE to stay there for even 5 minutes! I will be acting like Makino’s brother for sure… ha.
    Well my favourite scene is the wedding of coz especially with Rui as the priest… He looked so funny. Another part which I think is memorable is in the casino where Domouyji put all the 5 mil on the 00 cell(is that how you call it?) and then he stepped on the table and caused the ball to jump to the other pocket-1 and Makino was arguing with the dealer and eventually got kicked out… Oh yeah there’s the Sojiro and Yuki part at the end, where Sojiro ran away for the 3rd time after seeing Yuki at his signing… I must say Yuki is persistent! But I support her. Hope that they can somehow continue with their story.

    I don’t have any pics to share but I realise they did go to the same place where Ayu made her ‘glitter’ photoshoot (the right image).

    Ok I can only say Hanadan is definitely a must watch especially if you are a true HYD fan!

    PS : watching movie alone might be sad at times like after movie I don’t have anyone to chat to… but then I guess it’s a feeling that I can get use to afterall I have not found someone who is as j-crazed as I am. Maybe I should watch Kurosagi too… alone again

    Oh yeah the insert song KissHug by aiko is lovely but it’s 嵐’s One Love that makes me start singing.