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    Archive for October 2008

    Sick – part iv

    Sick - part iv

    So finally my biopsy test report is out.

    I have TB in the lymph node! Since no one in my family has TB, I’m really lucky to get this bacterial from the public I guess.

    Luckily this kind of Tuberculosis lymph node is not contagious hence I don’t have to be isolated or something. This also means I will be able to take my dear exams in the upcoming month.

    So currently I’m supposed to eat these antibiotics for 2 weeks before rushing down to the hospital for checkup in case I have any allegry to the drugs. For the next 6 months, it’s antibiotics for me till I’m healed I guess.

    Next checkup is on my Materials And Energy Balances exam. And since I have to do a blood test before the checkup, I have to be in the hospital by 8am, then 2hours later meet doctor then rush down to school for my exam which starts at 1pm. In addition, I will be having my Economics exam the previous day from 5pm to 7pm.

    Boy I sure need all the luck I can get!

    Oh yeah about my anemia? It’s actually Thalassemia- god knows which side of the family has it. But then apparently it isn’t that bad since i made my way up peacefully for all the NAFA tests…

    Sick – part iii

    Sick - part iii

    I was admitted to the hospital on wed since A&E said that I had to be observed thanks to my 3weeks+ fever and swollen lymph nodes.

    At first I thought it was only a 1 night thing… boy I’m so wrong. From simple blood tests to this cell extraction from my lymph node to my biopsy which was 2 days ago, happening in the Operation room around 8pm, 23rd Oct 2008. Now I’m finally discharged with 1 more week of MC and time to catch up with all my school work before my finals which is 2 weeks later…

    Anyway I’m to remove my stitches in 5-7days’ time.

    Thanks Shuxin and Stacy for visiting me even though I had only told Shuxin I was in Sgh.. somehow they found my ward and room!

    Ok i better go start with my report which is due in 2 days…. Will blog more if i have time…

    EDIT: How come those who’s not close to me know about it but not those who’s supposed to be close to me?

    Sick – part ii

    Sick - part ii

    So I went for my polyclinic checkup, bringing my doctor’s referral letter for a blood test.

    First time taking the test, and I can only say… taking blood for the test, well it hurts! And I think this can be my routine for all sorts of injection, blood test of sorts – I nearly fainted, I did see spinning rooms ok and I guess I’m going to get used to it.

    Anyway the test says I’m ok just that I’m anaemic and I have to return for another blood test next month – OMG! Well I hope it’s not as bad as the first then….

    So now I have more medicine to eat, including these iron tablets, and even more panadol for my everlasting fever… while I wait for them to fix an appointment with the hospital then…




    Yes I have been sicked for.. about 3 weeks or so thanks to my swollen lymph nodes. I’m still receiving frequent afternoon fevers that’s surprisingly will be ok after taking some panadol. The medicine that the school doctor had given to me were long finished and I guess I’ll be seeing my usual doctor tomorrow morning instead of the school’s even though school doctor might be less expensive haiz… Afterall the school doctors don’t know about my digestion problem which started last march, anyway I guess seeing one that I’m used to seeing is better afterall… I hope I’ll be cured soon.. finals are coming in a month’s time. Oh yeah this also means I’ll be skipping tomorrow’s bio and mass balance lectures. Oh just great….