Heavenly for now

Yes it’s finally over… Though I have a sinking feeling that I must have failed all subjects…. especially with all my careless mistakes and lack of study…

Anyway I’m now building up my to-buy-list, yes it’s my christmas cum early birthday gift to myself and also a reminder to how much money I can spend…

Currently I’ll be getting

– mihimaru GT – mihimarise (please be available in MJ… otherwise I will have to think twice of getting in HMV)
– ayu – upcoming album (Ok there’s no news yet but I must put away some money first…)
– Jan 2009 issue of SCawaii (if no one scans it first..)
– Jan 2009 issue of Vivi Chinese version (if I can find in Malaysia aka during CNY period)
– Jan 2009 issue of either Duet, Popolo, Potato or WinkUp (if no one scans it first..)

That’s all for now… I need a new layout… and I need to get out of my house, my area and head to town… Gosh it has been months since I have hit town…