A trip to civilization

Yes I have finally stepped into city area with Qinling, Jiaxin and Xiaoyun.

Though our plans of visiting Xiaoyun’s friend aka Merlion has failed thanks to the rain… We did shop around and feast at PASTA de WARAKU – pork cutlet curry rice for me and it’s a big portion which I have failed to finish it. Jiaxing ordered Spaghetti al Nero di Seppa, and she ate until the black sauce can be found in my plain water (I was sitting across her)… The rest of the dishes are seafood curry and beef curry rice. Xiaoyun complained that there’s little seafood compared to the portion of my pork cutlet… Anyway I’m loving Waraku even more than before.

After lunch, we went shopping for about 3 hours and boy that’s tiring for the legs. Guess we need to ‘exercise’ more uh…

My trip to HMV was useless as they don’t sell the CD+DVD versions. But a call to HMV Orchard told me that they have the CD+DVD version of SINGLE BEST, so I guess I will be heading down someday next week. Most probably alone again as usual..

– mihimaru GT – mihimarise (please be available in MJ… otherwise I will have to think twice of getting in HMV)
– Shibasaki Ko – SINGLE BEST
– ayu – upcoming album (Ok there’s no news yet but I must put away some money first…)
– Jan 2009 issue of SCawaii (if no one scans it first..)
– Jan 2009 issue of Vivi Chinese version (if I can find in Malaysia aka during CNY period)
– Jan 2009 issue of either Duet, Popolo, Potato or WinkUp (if no one scans it first..)