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    Archive for December 2008

    Exam results -> lousy year

    Exam results -> lousy year

    I’m very depressed after seeing my results.
    But now, the thought that it can still undergo moderation for the better or worse…
    I think I better start praying to god everyday.

    This has been a horrible year – with me getting a stupid virus and undergoing operation and then lousy digestion system and then lousy timetable, lousy course, then not able to get my desired time table for Semster 2 and then these lousy results.

    Bet with you – I sure will not get my Japanese elective.

    Even my favourite daisuki no. 1 idol Ayu had a bad year too. Being deaf on an ear then falling down, injured herself and undergoing operation and blah blah.

    Will 2009 be a better year for me and Ayu?

    At Crowne Plaza Hotel

    At Crowne Plaza Hotel

    This is the Christmas tree which can be found at the lobby. The only picture that I have taken before we left.

    I finally went to help my cousin with her events and finally earned some money in this holiday. Besides my eldest cousin, my other cousin also came to help out – apparently she has been helping her for years.

    We reached the hotel around 6pm and started with the final preparations. It was a D&D for a company. Boy don’t they have lots of beautiful children but then again they are rather wild. We had a hard time managing them.. Thank god for their maids.

    There were many interesting games and I finally saw my elder cousin in action as the MC of the event. Not bad I dare say.

    Our dinner was buffet styled and I must really say the Strawberry Shortcake, the Teriyaki Chicken and the Dory fish are de-li-cious! Too bad by the time we ate, the Haagen dazs ice cream had melted… so they tasted a little not that nice…

    It was about 12+ when we left the hotel after packing everything up and 1am when I reached home. I’m extremely glad to be helping out in this event. Thanks for giving me a chance dearest cousin. Can’t wait for the next time.

    New albums

    New albums

    I finally found Kou’s album at a cheaper price… This also means bye bye mihimaru GT, that is unless I can find mihimarise at cheaper price too, otherwise wait till I have another album or something so that I can buy from Yesasia.

    Hamasaki Ayumi – Days

    Hamasaki Ayumi - Days

    Hamasaki Ayumi – Days
    作詩:ayumi hamasaki 作曲:Kunio Tago










    [romaji and translation] Days

    Nanigenaku kawashite ru kotoba no hitotsuhitotsu ga
    Boku ni totte wa totemo daiji na takaramono
    Dakedo jibun de mo nandaka hazukashii kurai da kara
    Kimi ga shitta ra kitto waraware chau darou
    * Ai taku te ai taku te
    Semete koe ga kiki taku te
    You mo naku denwa shi tari

    Kimi ga iru sore dake de
    Kokoro ga totemo atatakaku naru
    Boku no negai wa tatta hitotsu dake
    Sou konna fuu ni itsu made mo
    Kimi o suki na mama de ite ii desu ka

    Taisetsu na hito ga iru koto wa mou zutto mae kara
    Shitte iru yo datte egao ga katatte ru

    Setsunaku te setsunaku te
    Mune ga gyu tto naru yoru mo
    Tashika ni ne aru keredo

    ** Kimi o omou sore dake de
    Kokoro wa ikiru imi o motsu kara
    Nanika o motomete ru wake ja naku te
    Tada konna fuu ni itsu made mo
    Kimi o suki na boku de ite ii desu ka

    * (repeat)

    Kimi ga iru sore dake de
    Kokoro ga totemo atatakaku naru
    Boku no negai wa tatta hitotsu dake
    Kimi o suki na mama de i sasete

    ** (repeat)
    Each word you casually exchange with me
    Is such a precious treasure to me
    But I myself feel a bit embarrassed about this
    So if you knew, you would surely laugh at me

    * I want to see you, I want to see you
    I want to hear your voice at least
    And I sometimes call you with no special reason

    My heart becomes so warm
    Just because you are around me
    I have only one wish
    Can I stay loving you forever
    Just like this?

    I’ve known for a long time that you have someone precious
    Because it’s clear from your smile

    Though it’s true I spend some nights
    Feeling so sad, so sad
    And feeling a tightening in my chest

    ** If I just think of you
    My heart has the meaning to live
    I expect nothing special from you
    Can I stay loving you forever
    Just like this?

    * (repeat)

    My heart becomes so warm
    Just because you are around me
    I have only one wish
    Please let me keep on loving you

    ** (repeat)

    translated and romanized by masa



    So it’s title-less.

    Been slacking at home, helping my mum to clean my room, going out with parents, and visiting the lib – finally my books. Oh yeah I even bought 2 tops from the Esprit sale.

    So now I’m playing with games again.

    I wonder when am I going to my HMV and Kino. Most prob this friday just so to see if I can buy either Bea’s up or Sweet. Just saw Wink Up scans have been added… so it’s either Duet or Popolo for now unless I see Kou’s special box version at HMV…

    Haiz must be prepared for my registration tomorrow..