I went to the Sony Erisson roadshow with my mum and boy, was that queue long!

Well it makes sense afterall as the phones there are cheaper than usual.

For me, I bought another walkman phone, which cost $73 after trading in $100, $35 e voucher and $30 off(roadshow special). And I realise it’s rather worth it, compared to getting a new one which cost min $500, and then getting a prepaid card. Thank god for my trade in, vouchers and offer.

So now my phone is being charged. I just realise there’s a bad point about my phone – it doesn’t have a memory card. This means that I will have to backup ALL data/music/picture… before sending it for servicing (which I hope I don’t have to, service it I mean). So yeah that’s the current downside of it. I hope this will be the only point.. Well I will only know, fastest, after 8 hours, after charging.

Oh yeah! I saw Kaiting at Wisma with her bf I think and then Ruoyi at the platform.

It’s rare for me to see someone I know…

PS: I’m still elective-less. For god’s sake, someone pls drop something that I can fit into my timetable!