Belated b-day

I had my official Belated bday celebration today with my friends at our dear Canteen A.

They bought me a BIRTHDAY CAKE and I’d got a new wallet!

Dear Xiaoyun made me take the candles and the ‘Happy Birthday’ deco home – I threw away the used candles, but I did wash and keep the deco.

They made me use the wallet but since I’m not seeing any of them tomorrow, I’ll not use it yet.

Thanks everyone – Xiaoyun, Qinglin, Abigail, Yuan Wen, Jiaxin.

Oh yeah tomorrow’s my first French. I hope I will not die that easily.
Guess what? Looks like 80% of the Mls gang got Jap elective.
I’m devastated.
I feel like complaining but then again one does not play with the system.
Sigh + Sob!