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    Archive for February 2009

    容疑者Xの献身? (Suspect X)

    容疑者Xの献身? (Suspect X)

    I went to watch the movie this afternoon at Gv.

    I must say, it’s rather sad.

    Ishigami is a genius who was ‘saved’ by his new neighbour Hanaoka and her daughter. The story begins with my dear Yukawa sensei doing a demostration to Utsumi. Then the scene later changed to Hanaoka’s ex husband who went to ‘bother’ Hanaoka and her daughter. Just before Hanaoka could finally make him leave (she gave him money), her daughter charged out and used her snow globe to attack him. All hell broke loose with him hitting/kicking his step-daughter, Hanaoka trying to stop him… in the end, she strangled him with a heater’s cord, while her daughter held on to him. Ishigami heard all the weird noises and knew there’s a murder and he went to help them to create a perfect alibi.

    The story continues with Utsumi and Kusanagi seeking Yukawa’s help. Yukawa wasn’t interested in the case until he realised Ishigami, his university friend, was involved. And there a game between a Math genius and Physics genius……

    What I have mentioned above is the ‘usual’ stuff that you will get from the drama. The sad part comes from its ending, where we know how the perfect alibi is created. And that is where I feel that that one has to choose between justice and love. To kill another for the one you love, to protect the one you love and to lose your dear friend, one that knows you and your thinking well… and then all these became useless as your love decided to confess her crimes along with you…

    Now I understand why Fukuyama Masaharu wrote 最愛.






    あなたが まだ好きだから

    あなたに ただ逢いたくて

    初めてでした これまでの日々

    陽だまりみたいな その笑顔


    あなたが まだ好きだから

    ただひとこと ただ言えなくて


    その笑顔を 幸せを

    あなたが まだ好きだから

    あなたに ただ逢いたくて

    A not so successful day

    A not so successful day

    Went to beach with Rasiah, Yuan Wen, Qinglin, Xiaoyun and Jiaxin.

    And yeah it rained.

    But thank god they did play with the water. We did try to build a sand castle.
    But we did not play volleyball nor any others since no one rememberedto bring the ball and the cards.
    But then we had fun with picture taking – ok they had fun.

    It is rather not so successful.
    (Pictures at FB)

    PS: Where will my orders arrive? Still MIA’s my AT08…, which has been ‘searching from suppliers’ for days.

    Belated bday celebration for Jan babies~!

    Belated bday celebration for Jan babies~!

    Today is my E4 ‘gathering’ also known as bday celebration for… January babies – moi and Rachel~!

    I had lunch with Sya and Atikah at this cafe at Yishun Safra. Well they treated me. We ate their lunch special that comes with cake and soup too.

    Then Shuxin, Farah, Ayuni and Rachel arrived. Ok Rachel FINALLY arrived after being lost for 1hour. She took the wrong bus which goes 1 big round then back to the interchange before reaching Safra. Well she, after realising that she’s back to the interchange, alighted from the bus, return to board that very same bus at the interchange. Seriously… this is going to be in history…

    vouchers and necklace

    vouchers and necklace

    Ok besides this enjoyable incident, both Rachel and I received very wonderful gifts.
    RACHEL : jacket from FOX and bracelet
    Moi: Gift vouchers and necklace

     We went to bowl and well bowling with them is interesting… Since all of us are apparently beginners, except for Sya. Sya, Farah, Atikah and Shuxin got 1 strike each. But the winner winners are Sya and Atikah, 68. I only got 52.
    After the game, we went to the arcade. As usual Sya and I played TimeCrisis.. hehe it’s not that wonderful since we cant play as a team.. But nevertheless it’s enjoyable. Shuxin, Rachel and Atikah played this racing game that’s different from what we usually play and it looks very interesting/ We then proceeded to this disco music game. There’s supposed to be 2 players, but it took the 7 of us to complete the easy stage…
    The day ended with us walking about NP after our snacking at McDonald’s.
    All in all this is a wonderful day filled with many fun and memoriable moments.
    Yes I will always remember Rachel you and the bus incident…. and my first official bowling experience!
    Once again, Thanks everyone for making my birthday though belated, enjoyable and memoriable.

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    My very talented cousin

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