Local anesthesia vs General anesthesia

It seems like my lymph nodes/TB will be causing me more problems in the future. Hell present wise, it’s been doing their best to make me horrible.

What I had expected from an injection type of tissue removal for more medicial treatment, turned out to be another biopsy though this time round I’m very much awake to know what’s happening in the OR. And after knowing this little difference between local anesthesia and general anesthesia, well I guess I will prefer general anesthesia despite all the puking.

So now I have another wound on the right side of my throat and once again I have another appointment with dear doctors next monday for removal of stitches.

Will I ever be cured?

I doubt so since the bug doesnt seem to be killed and all TB-in-lymph-nodes-patients do know that relapse do occur…

Anyway I do hope that yesterday’s the last time that I’m going under the knife.

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