J movie craze

Yes 2 movies in 2 straight days..

Tuesday – went to watch カイジ after tech comm meeting.

Movie was a little dark as it showed the unpleasant side of humans – how we enjoy seeing others in danger while we are in comfort zone. The lure of money, failure in the eyes of others had forced them to board the ship filled with ‘hope’. Little did they know, it was a ship filled with terror as those who had lost would be forced to work for them in this underground jail. There was no escape even until the end – it all boils down to the difference between an ‘intelligent successful’ and a ‘failure useless’.

Tricks used in movie were simple – nothing like liar game though. Nevertheless the movie was ok.

Wednesday – went to Cine to watch のだめカンタービレ 最終楽章 前編

A carry on from the drama specials, the movie consisted parts of the episodes of the anime. The way the characters were being acted out is so like the anime. Though actions were exaggerate, the movie was very interesting and I certainly cant wait for its part , which will only be out in April 17 i Japan. So hopefully the movie will be available lovally after my last paper~ Judging from the comments i received, i seem to have some other friends who are interested in the series – ha I think I even convinced ML to go watch it (hopefully she does).

Oh yeah I love Cine’s threater… though today’s hall was small, the seats were not like woodlands’; on the same levels.

Oh yeah bought these at Taka’s anime showdown.