USS and Kushinbo

Yup I have finally visited USS even though I didnt have the chance to go with the company.

Instead, I got a even better deal – free tickets with my cousins~

My relatives arrived for a short holiday (they will be visiting New Zealand after this and then KL before returning to England). So they happened to have 4 free tickets thus resulting in my joining them in this morning’s visit.

So as part of the compensation for the closure of the grand attraction the roller coaster, we each had a $5 retail and dinning vouchers. Anyway we went to 3 roller coaster rides – Enchanted Airways, Canopy Flyer and Revenge of the Mummy, and watched WaterWorld. It was a packed visit due to the holiday season thus we had to wait for a while for the rides and the weather was hot and humid.

Anyway the best ride is Revenge of the Mummy. As a high speed roller coaster with backwards and tilting motions, this ride is rapid and fascinating. Though flying down at 90deg is very frightening, along with the ‘story of the ride’, this is a must ride coaster in USS.

We then ate lunch at Mel’s Drive in and bought some souvenirs using our vouchers. We took some pictures and also one with this Addams family butler look a like. We wanted to take with Kongfu Panda but it took a rest when we approached him.

We then returned to their hotel Mandarin Hotel. After resting, we went to Suntec Kushinbo for an appetizing expensive Japanese buffet.

All in all this IS the best event of the year~!