Yup this is a recount of my first overseas adventure with fellow coursemates to Seoul, Korea for a month of summer programme in Sungkyunkwan University (성균관대학교, SKKU). Hence I will be posting some of the pictures that we have taken during our time there.

The day started with us heading to Changi airport, taking Cathay Pacific to transit in Hong Kong International Airport and then to Seoul. The first aircraft was so much comfortable than the others as it had the new and improved seats as shown below.

Anyway, sadly my first visit of HK was limited to the airport transit premises and then hours later, finally reached Incheon International Airport. After the collection of our bags, we took the airport limousine service to Koart Ville, which is located near to Sungshin Women’s University subway station.

The entire bus journey took around an hour or so and it was raining when we alighted with our bags. Our hostel was a little hard to find, and the rain and our heavy bags seriously dampened our spirits. We finally found our hostel after dragging bags to a wrong place, and a young couple led us to the right location. It was close to 12am by the time we checked in. Dumping our bags, I went out for a late supper at this 24 hours KFC near our hostel despite being tired and hungry.. Hunger wore out you see…

Day 2 will be posted soon…

Incheon International Airport upon landing The bus from Airport
First bus taken in Korea