The start of the new year and well 2 quakes have already sent their welcomes to us. Such a wonderful way to tell me how 2012 might be even though it did not happen in my area. Nevertheless such storm has already started brewing between me and my mum. You would have thought that after so many years, I should have learnt from history. So apparently I am never a smart girl- stubborn oh hell that is who I am. But well I guess it is time to reflect upon and not be me. Most importantly, learn from the oh great mighty history.

New year resolution. Such a nice way of trying to improve one’s self but then again how many did manage to do that by the end of the year?

To honor 2012, which already seems trouble at its beginning, let me just humor myself and the one who started this resolution thingy.

Resolution 1- don’t bother to pine hope for ayu to reply on twitter
Resolution 2- never live beyond my room, be brave and, well, stay alone
Resolution 3- just shut it
Resolution 4- focus on n4 and try my freaking best to maintain my ‘such a pretty grades’
Resolution 5- get a pair of running shoes

The above might not be your typical resolutions. They are mine and hopefully I will be able to stick to them.

Ok I have kinda lost it.