Belated entry

Dorm room

Settling in to the Seoul life after a late night, we went to walk around our dorm area and had this traditional grill at a nearby shop for a late lunch.

After the delicious lunch, we continued our exploration and came to the subway station where we decided to buy this Korean tourist version of ‘ezlink’ prepaid card – Seoul Citypass+, for travelling around on subways and buses. It comes with some tourist discount coupons for us to use at some attractions.

Time seemed to pass rather fast (Korean time is one hour ahead of Singapore time), we went back to dorm area and started to look for dinner place. We had our second Korean meal – cold noodles with very spicy kimchi sauce. The spiciness did help as I am not a big fan of very cold soup/noodles, however for some of my friends who can’t take very spicy food, they had a hard time eating their dinner.

After dinner and a few more loitering around, we returned for our beauty sleep for the next big day – Start of summer school.

The next day – Orientation

Orientation programmes and such, we were welcomed by the lively Korean students. we had our Korean-canteen experience with the use of the lunch-ticket-vending machine before we proceed to collect our lunch. Our summer study programme is a 3/4 days study programme, each day is around 3 hours of lecture for each module. Since we are only taking 1 module, we had plenty of time to enjoy Seoul.

Below are some of the pictures taken while going around.

Market street Sunday afternoon Traditional Grill
Traditional Grill CGV – Cinema
Seoul Citypass+ Machine Dinner place
Cold noodles Set Sungkyunkwan University
Orientation Canteen in Sci Faculty
School Compound Station of School
Subway platform Subway interior
Food at Myeondong Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center
Tourist Card Han’s Deli – Delicious food
Roadside Stall