When it was official according to local promotions company’s facebook on 18 April 2013, and ticket agent who has stopped selling tickets on 19 April 2013, the so-called 2-3 weeks refund is now long overdue.

 – Extracted on 25 May 2013 1715hr

With no ‘official’ return money approval given, Sistic claims unable to refund ticket holders to a concert cancelled 5 weeks ago, despite their Japanese counterpart who has long done so 4 weeks ago, which is right after the cancellation of the event according to fans in official Namie Amuro fanclub.

The latest reply by Midas Promotion – there are slight differences to this reply and in their posting dates. On facebook, they posted the Japanese side’s address, on 14 May 2013, while the post on their website states 17 May 2013.

On midas promotions
– Extracted on 25 May 2013 1715hr 

On midas promotions Facebook
– Extracted on 25 May 2013 1715hr 

As I have never been one with PR skills or whatever qualifications that you need for a company to release official statement, but I am one of the people who reads these releases since it concerns me, and I am sure not a big fan of their replies.

Will God give his blessings to we poor ticket holders our refunds in less than 2 months? Or will we only receive in our afterlife if there is one?

UPDATES: Credit card refund had started and finally we got back our money. And with that is my horrible experience with Midas Promotion, On The Line, and Japanese concert.