It was not on my to-watch list until a post on FB caught my attention.

Time-travel romance, true that there were some loopholes in the plot but with lots of takeaways for me.

It made me think of my life so far and how unworthy-to-mention it is. What can I do with it, given that coincidentally a new chapter of my life is about to begin in a new working environment. I doubt I can do a 360 degrees change, but I guess I can be less intimidating, more helpful and more caring to my family and friends.

As part of my new resolution, I tried to be a nice local and direct a couple in my broken Japanese to their destination. It was nothing great to mention but it does make me slightly happier.

Yesterday was awful. First day of my resolution met with failure. Second day was life changing as I realized that I am so lucky to have great bosses and colleagues. I really hope that such luck has not been exhausted and tomorrow can be ok. Otherwise I will really need the power to travel time to undo whatever I need to.

Wish me luck.