After so long

Yes I finally remember to check my N4 results online 2 days before I received the hard copy version of the results, which means I will be collecting my cert tomorrow from JCS; yes I need to make a special trip to Bugis even though I registered with my school :(.

Despite the hiatus – I took N5 in 2011 if I didnt remember wrongly and only continue with Jap last Jan, I managed to pass and surprisingly managed to ‘improve’ by 10 marks.

Because I want to be a better speaker and not have too many brain freeze moment while I struggle with the sales lady when looking for an item, I took up the pre-advance course instead of the advance course for N3 seekers. Despite so I also come up with this crazy plan to study N3 on my own too. However, my plan to study weekly for N3 has failed (as usual); only managed to do my homework from pre-advance haha.

Well hopefully with my transfer in department, I should have more time to myself and hopefully it comes with determination so that I may take up the test this Dec or next year’s Jul. Sadly after buying all the books after the exam, I have only touched 8 pages Sou Matome Grammar!