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  • reincarnated passion is the latest theme for absoluteicyness, one of the two blogs of HM. Here is where rants go to, latest informaion on her favourites and perhaps a showcase of her graphics. For the other blog, please visit memorialhime. Contact.

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    No idea.. but I am not keen to know too since it is indeed an error on my part so even if I have gotten the ‘better’ letter of the two, I am still …

    To put my mind off this matter and the continuation of reminders to not err again even if I have not realized, I shall continue my put-too-long-on-hold travel blog posts.

    Why did I fail to see

    A horrible miss and just nice ranking period. I must have offended my good luck charms hence the incident. Will be marked forever but then where and what can I do? I tried to recall but seriously I can’t imagine myself opening it if I saw someone else. So I must have been blinded by godknowswhat since I did open it and even my precautionary measure failed me. Actually I felt horrible, causing so much trouble to them.

    So have my brain and eyes and hands failed to function altogether?

    Anyway I lost it when they tried to ‘console’ me but then it made me feel worse. Wanted to have a good cry but couldn’t then and now since I will most certainly end up with swollen eyes tomorrow. Don’t ask me why the urge to cry but I guess consoling is the keyword. But seriously crying over spilled milk is not the solution. No matter the verdict, there’s this part of me where I begin to doubt my eyes and eventually my judgement with that machine. I really don’t know how to overcome after all I did what one was supposed to do yet I failed somehow.

    Will I have an answer by tomorrow morning?

    Ps I do believe that my family is going down the luck these few days. Why?????

    After so long

    After so long

    Yes I finally remember to check my N4 results online 2 days before I received the hard copy version of the results, which means I will be collecting my cert tomorrow from JCS; yes I need to make a special trip to Bugis even though I registered with my school :(.

    Despite the hiatus – I took N5 in 2011 if I didnt remember wrongly and only continue with Jap last Jan, I managed to pass and surprisingly managed to ‘improve’ by 10 marks.

    Because I want to be a better speaker and not have too many brain freeze moment while I struggle with the sales lady when looking for an item, I took up the pre-advance course instead of the advance course for N3 seekers. Despite so I also come up with this crazy plan to study N3 on my own too. However, my plan to study weekly for N3 has failed (as usual); only managed to do my homework from pre-advance haha.

    Well hopefully with my transfer in department, I should have more time to myself and hopefully it comes with determination so that I may take up the test this Dec or next year’s Jul. Sadly after buying all the books after the exam, I have only touched 8 pages Sou Matome Grammar!



    Once a while, the tears will just flow out and I will cry to sleep. Most of the time it is due to me being a disappointment in many aspects in particular in my life that I am ‘living’ in. 

    Never a conversationalist neither am I emitting positive vibes. I am such a disappointment. 

    Just need to write it out somewhere in public and despite so no one will give a damn. 

    Let it go or let it out?


    So this is the day. Hopefully a smooth start to a brand new quarter.

    Really sometimes I wonder why didn’t I do anything to make living more meaningful. Wasted one quarter and yet still clueless about the new quarter. Well may some bright light hit on me so that this quarter will be much more meaningful and colourful!

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