Today I was feeling ‘rich’, relatively that is.

Based on yesterday’s research (ladyironchef), I went on a mission for the well-known Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie after my appointment with yours dearly.

The entire area looks classy as it is, based on my memory whenever I walked pass by. The display counters are filled with beautiful creations that seem to say ‘Fragile! Look only please.’ Such beautiful creations though come in a relatively beautiful price, it is worth it.

My orders for the day started with single scope of Earl Grey Homemade Ice Cream ($4.50), Tarte Citron ($6.07) and 4 macarons, Feuilletine, Hazelnut, Oreo Cookie and Mango Chocolat Blanc ($2.35 each). Sad to say, Raspberry Cheesecake and Mont Blanc seem to have been removed from the menu. I guess it has something to do with the new chef…

Anyway, I enjoyed my ice cream a lot – I have never drank Earl Grey so my closest to it was a Hokkaido Milk Tea Ice Cream. The ice cream was deliciously sweet but then the berries that came with it were a little sour. Coupled together, they brought out the best of each other. Also, the biscuit that came along with it, wow, it’s absolutely wonderful. The crispiness, the flavour… it’s really good.

Tarte Citron, is a buttery crumble tart, that is covered with some citrus (lemon if I’m not wrong) flavour. The curd itself was slightly sour so just eating it alone was not my thing. However, the crumble tart complimented the curd and well, made it slightly less sour for me. The tart was seriously gooood. I don’t mind eating just the tart alone. In fact, it is slightly better than Shokudo’s Blueberry Tofu Cheesecake’s tart. If only I knew how to make such a tart…

The macarons – Feuilletine, Hazelnut, Oreo Cookie and Mango Chocolat Blanc.

I started by eating the Mango Chocolat Blanc macaron. With my only other experience from Bakerzin’s macaron, I say this was just ok. There was something about the cookie that made it a little off – the filling was nice, but the cookie didnt taste as crispy as I hoped for.

My next macaron was Hazelnut. Whitish macaron with hazelnut cream and toasted hazelnuts and I simply loved it. Its cookie was a far cry from that of the Mango’s. In fact all the remaining 3 flavours’ cookie tasted different from the mango’s. I guessed it’s either intended or something went wrong for the one I had eaten. Anyway, Hazelnut is highly recommended!

Feuilletine is a brownish macaron filled with milk chocolate cream and hazelnut praline. The cookie was good but I guess it’s slightly chocolatish than I desire (Not a huge huge fan of too much chocolate).

Lastly, Oreo Cookie macaron! Yup it’s wonderful. Nothing can go wrong with everyone’s childhood favourite.

My ranking for my little indulgence is as follows:
Earl Grey Homemade Ice Cream > Hazelnut and Oreo Cookie macaron > Tarte Citron > Feuilletine macaron > Mango Chocolat Blanc macaron.

I didn’t realise that I have forgotten to order Fleur De Sel Caramel macaron (Salty macaron, as some call it). I guess this will be my excuse for my future re-visit to the Chocolaterie.