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    Outward bound singapore 3 to 7 Sept 2012

    Outward bound singapore 3 to 7 Sept 2012

    3 to 7 Sept 2012

    The period that I was in Pulau Ubin, Singapore, together with my 20 other mates for leadership/team building camp.

    With trainers Benjamin Koh Jun Kiat and Wai Chung Tai (if I’m not wrong), we managed to survive to daily 2×2.4km runs, pontoon/jetty jumps in to the sea/freshwater, rock climbing, double log climbing thingy, outfield expedition with about 2 hour plus kayak, 1 hr rafting and 6 hour plus trekking and the various team building activities.

    It is an achievement for me as the only camp I have ever gone to was indoor choir camp. I was definitely in my discomfort zone everyday thanks to my inability to swim and stepping out for the jumps. Even though I did complete the daily jumps, it is still scary at the thought of it. Hah I even managed to fall into the sea instead of performing a jetty jump. This incident left a deep impression on me and hopefully I will be motivated by it, constantly reminded of the importance of not doing things with half resolve.

    Other incidents are well… slightly less significant to me though I guess it’s time for me to train more and build up arm power. I do hope to see myself conquering rock climbing sometime in the future……

    Thoughtless for now. But do be assured, OBS was indeed challenging for my profession and my physical/mental self but nevertheless, it is an once-in-a-lifetime- must-go!

    Looking back, I guess I did have an enjoyable time there. ^^



    Yeah finally we have completed it. But this also means the start of final report.

    The past weeks had been a tedious and tiring flashbacks with us spending in school till 10ish-pm trying to catch our train.

    Well I’m gonna enjoy the remaining of the day with the aim of doing light exercises tomorrow if I can wake up. Else I guess an evening jog will do the trick too.

    Oh yeah, I’m still shocked by Akanishi Jin’s shotgun marriage news to some actress-singer model whose dramas and songs I have never heard before till now. Rumor has it that she has dated Nishikido Ryo and Kamenashi Kazuya.. Hmmm…. No comments for now..

    My 2nd amateur coloring

    My 2nd amateur coloring

    Today I went to attend this i gave event in school after making a donation. There’s a caricaturist hired by the event organisers hence my friends and I went to have our caricatures done.

    He didn’t add any colors to the pictures so I took some time and did some coloring of mine and my friend’s.

    Due to my blog space and other reasons, I have only uploaded a smaller image of my work.

    After the coloring attempt of ayu in one of her photoshoot in Vivi, this is my 2nd attempt. Since I’m not a pro in this, I think I have done quite ok.

    Ok now it’s time for me to get back to my fydp research.

    Revamp of blog

    Revamp of blog

    Yup I am in the mids of updating my blog and cleaning up on my tags etc for better presentation. While doing all these, I’m kinda sad that I didn’t blog about my Dos from my Seoul trip back in June/July. Guess that my first little adventure can only be a memory in mind and not in words.

    Tonikaku, back to work I guess…

    EDIT: The icon position has failed for the index page due to some coding fault. The other views are fine. I guess I might amend the code sometime tomorrow…. after reading through FYDP and revision. Guess and might are powerful keywords…. grin

    New layout

    New layout

    Ok I have made a new layout. Initially it was to be used for my ayu fansite… but after reviewing my future workload aka school, I don’t have much time to update the site. Thus the layout is now used here instead. HOWEVER, the theme has not been configured fully – there are some pages of codings that need some fine tuning. Hopefully, no one will fault me first – time is running out. My target is to finish the code editing by end of this week. Lots of events coming up hence no time… and with school starting next week… gosh

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