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    Posts tagged as Review-Eatings


    After reading on ladyironchef, I decided to drop by Antoinette while I was in Orchard area. Located on the 2nd level of Mandarin Gallery, this small cozy salon caught my attention as soon as my eyes landed on those beautiful looking pastry and dessert.

    Despite being lunch time, the main course sadly was not screaming ‘Order Me’, and I had dessert instead.

    ♣ Strawberry Shortcake (SGD 9)

    This Japanese dessert tasted wonderful. The cake was soft and tasty with cream layers. The layers of big strawberries did justify for the price of the cake. However, these strawberries were rather acidic – either not in season, or was it suppose to be that acidic… I have no idea, only to know that the sourness of the strawberries were overpowering the taste of the cake. Between bites of strawberry and cake, I was drinking lots of water, hoping to remove the excess acidic taste.

    ♣ Antoinette, Les Coupes Glacées Avec Crème Chantilly (SGD 9)

    Served with tempered milk chocolate shards and raspberry jelly, this Earl Grey ice cream was something I was really looking forward to since I had wonderful Earl Grey ice cream during my visit to Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie…
    Sad to say, I was disappointed by the dessert.

    – The tempered chocolate shards were not tempered properly. I did not hear the lovely ‘snap’ upon breaking the shards, some simply bent instead of breaking
    – Shards, coated with some of the jelly, were rather thick and hard to break even using my spoon. I simply gave up on them.
    – Surprisingly, it did not melt on my fingers but was that due to good tempering skills or extremely strong air-conditioning, strong vote to the later.
    – Earl Grey ice cream was a little hard/’chewy’ in the middle. However, it does have a great Earl Grey taste.

    I struggled to finish the ice cream.

    ♣ Tahiti (SGD 2.50)

    Tahitian perfumed vanilla cream slightly chewy macaron was simply to love.

    ♣ Brittany(SGD 2.50)

    Fleur de sel-kissed macaron with caramel filling won the best dessert of the day. The maracon was crispy, the filling was delicious and not a bit too saltish.

    ♣ Praline(SGD 2.50)

    One of the typical flavours that I will choose. Sandwiched between the macaron shells, bits of hazelnut could be found in the filling. This crunch bit was a good touch.

    Any future visits? Well it will depend… Maybe I shall visit the main branch instead the next time I drop by my main office.

    Recent eatings

    Well went to a few places for food huntings. But I dont have much time reviewing the food as i have urgent reports to do… So I shall delay my reviews until the end of the semester.

    Recent eatings from

    • Jewels artisan chocolate 24 March 2012
    • Maison Kayser 24 March 2012
    • Pasta de Waraku 2 April 2012
    • Paul Maison De Qualite 8 April 2012
    • Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie 7 May 2012
    • Watami 15 May 2012
    • Bakerzin 17 May 2012
    • (Macau) Maxim’s de Paris macaron 2012
    • (HK) The Sweet Dynasty dim sum 2012
    • Yum Cha 31 May 2012
    • Tampopo 14 Jun 2012
    • Itacho Sushi 18 Jun 2012
    • Rive Gauche Patisserie 18 Jun 2012
    • Straits Kitchen @ Hyatt 05 Jun 2013
    • The Square @ Furama Jun 2013
    • SuperStar Virgo eatings 21-24 Jul 2013
    • Olive Tree Buffet @ Intercontinental Singapore  27 Aug 2013

    I also had to opportunity to travel to Hong Kong for my graduation trip in May 2012 and a work trip onboard Superstar Virgo in July 2013. I will be posting my photos now and then.

    Waraku and Paul Maison

    This entry was supposed to be posted on 2 Apr and 8 Apr but due to hectic schedule, it will only be posted now.

    <2 April 2012>

    It has been long since I had eaten the delicious curry pasta from Pasta de Waraku in HMV (sadly it is no longer there now). Thus when I was making my way for TTSH’s open house, I went to the Pasta de Waraku there in Novena.

    To my utter dismay, there seemed to be some company restructing resulting in a different menu and according to my neighbour diners, even the kids’ meal were changed to one without the complementary toy.

    Despite the lack of my curry pasta, I continued to dine there with their lunch special consisting of teriyaki chicken, cabonara pasta, salad, wages and mango juice.

    The food was ok. Not too bad, but then not extremely good though the cabonara did taste the same as before… But I guess the curry pasta had more appeal on me…

    Besides the ok food standard, I was displeased by one of the waiter’s lack of foresight. I entered the restaurant around 11.50am hence it was still quite empty with 5 diners or so. A lone diner such as I, was surprised to be brought to a table for 4. Presuming it was due to the lack of people so I just took the seat given. By the time my food arrived, it was about 12.15pm or so and that was when the business picked up a little.

    Around 12.40pm, a family of 4 was at the entrance and was asked to wait for a suitable table as there was only tables left for 2 at opposite sides. After waiting for 10 minutes or so, I guess they were a little annoyed seeing that there were tables but not so 4 people, meanwhile I had just finished my food, left with my 1/2 full drink. The waiter must have sensed their annoyance. He came over to my table after seeing his colleague clearing my plate and said ‘Miss, could you do me a favour and move to another table over the other side?’ I was shocked and annoyed as a check on my order would have told him that I had no further orders, only left with my glass of half filled mango juice which would take me less than 5 minutes to finish. While he was making such a request, I saw that  the family had left, so I told him, ‘No. I am left with this half glass of  mango juice, couldn’t you give me 5 minutes to finish it and leave instead of moving to another seat so as to finish my drink?’

    I was tempted to add in his lack of planning was part of the reason to his losing potential customers as he was the one who brought me to the table. But I kept my mouth shut. Seriously, this is the first time I was asked or ever saw someone asked to switch table when the lone diner, who is neither chatting on the phone nor reading something, is left with a half glassful of drink. I was totally pissed. It is not difficult to understand the situation of their company if it is filled with this particular staff who has no foresight in such daily scenarios. I guess it will sure be a loooong period of time before I will step into pasta de waraku at novena.

    <8 April 2012>

    Paul Maison De Qualite, has opened its store in Ngee Ang City Tower B, 3rd Floor, next to Books Kinokuniya, Orchard.

    With all the raves online for this famous French bakery, I bought some of their stuffs to try.

    Sadly I didn’t catch the names of the pastries except for Tarte Citron meringuée. The danish that I had tried was ok while the other apple pastry was extremely sour to both my mum’s and mine displeasure. The Tarte Citron meringuée was sour too but the top icing cream with slight burnt parts were able to reduce the sourness to some extent. I guess I shall just stick to the breads that most people were buying if I were to visit Paul in the future.

    Maison Kayser & Jewels artisan chocolate

    This entry was supposed to be posted on 24 Mar but due to hectic schedule, it will only be posted now.

    <24 March 2012>

    Before heading for the movie, This Means War, I paid a little visit to this Paris/Japan pâtissier at the recently opened Scotts Square, Maison Kayser.

    My brunch consisted of

    • Bread Basket – an assortment of bread with a single refill, coupled with blueberry jam and butter (S$4.90)
    • Tarte Citron (S$4.40)
    • Vanilla Eclair (S$3.90)

    The assortment of bread did have an interesting selection with nuts, but I am not a big fan of nuts so I am only fond of some of the bread in the basket. Fan of bread with nuts, you shall enjoy it more than I do.

    Besides nuts, I am not a fan of sour acidic stuff. And this means their Tarte Citron. It was extremely sour and I could not even finish it even after 5 glasses of cold water. Compared to Canelé, well this is too unbearable.

    Despite the less than enjoyable 2 dishes, Maison Kayser does have a wonderful item that will entice me to return, that is Vanilla Eclair. This is a strongly recommended item for sweet loving people as the vanilla was smooth and unlike those chocolate eclair, the vanilla does not leave stains onto one’s teeth. It does come in various flavors besides vanilla. So I guess my future visit will revolve around eclair and bread without nuts.

    So my spurge continued with a visit to Jewels artisan chocolate, at Orchard Central and bought 4 of their macaron – Brun, Butterscotch, and their 2 recommended flavors, Korean black Garlic and Black Palm Island Salt.

    I must say Brun and Butterscotch and Black Palm Island Salt tasted alright, though the saltiness of Black Palm Island Salt macaron lasted in my mouth for a while.

    As for the recommended Korean black Garlic, I can only say that those with a sweet tooth should avoid at all cost. It has a peculiar taste, like a mixture of the bitter ginseng and slight spiciness of garlic. It tasted like Chinese medicine in a way that totally removed all those pleasant taste from my previously eaten macaron. I am extremely glad that I did not start off with this flavor else I will have problem tasting the others.

    The above is a review of your average lady who has a freaking appetite for sweet pastries.

    First visit to Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie

    Today I was feeling ‘rich’, relatively that is.

    Based on yesterday’s research (ladyironchef), I went on a mission for the well-known Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolaterie after my appointment with yours dearly.

    The entire area looks classy as it is, based on my memory whenever I walked pass by. The display counters are filled with beautiful creations that seem to say ‘Fragile! Look only please.’ Such beautiful creations though come in a relatively beautiful price, it is worth it.

    My orders for the day started with single scope of Earl Grey Homemade Ice Cream ($4.50), Tarte Citron ($6.07) and 4 macarons, Feuilletine, Hazelnut, Oreo Cookie and Mango Chocolat Blanc ($2.35 each). Sad to say, Raspberry Cheesecake and Mont Blanc seem to have been removed from the menu. I guess it has something to do with the new chef…

    Anyway, I enjoyed my ice cream a lot – I have never drank Earl Grey so my closest to it was a Hokkaido Milk Tea Ice Cream. The ice cream was deliciously sweet but then the berries that came with it were a little sour. Coupled together, they brought out the best of each other. Also, the biscuit that came along with it, wow, it’s absolutely wonderful. The crispiness, the flavour… it’s really good.

    Tarte Citron, is a buttery crumble tart, that is covered with some citrus (lemon if I’m not wrong) flavour. The curd itself was slightly sour so just eating it alone was not my thing. However, the crumble tart complimented the curd and well, made it slightly less sour for me. The tart was seriously gooood. I don’t mind eating just the tart alone. In fact, it is slightly better than Shokudo’s Blueberry Tofu Cheesecake’s tart. If only I knew how to make such a tart…

    The macarons – Feuilletine, Hazelnut, Oreo Cookie and Mango Chocolat Blanc.

    I started by eating the Mango Chocolat Blanc macaron. With my only other experience from Bakerzin’s macaron, I say this was just ok. There was something about the cookie that made it a little off – the filling was nice, but the cookie didnt taste as crispy as I hoped for.

    My next macaron was Hazelnut. Whitish macaron with hazelnut cream and toasted hazelnuts and I simply loved it. Its cookie was a far cry from that of the Mango’s. In fact all the remaining 3 flavours’ cookie tasted different from the mango’s. I guessed it’s either intended or something went wrong for the one I had eaten. Anyway, Hazelnut is highly recommended!

    Feuilletine is a brownish macaron filled with milk chocolate cream and hazelnut praline. The cookie was good but I guess it’s slightly chocolatish than I desire (Not a huge huge fan of too much chocolate).

    Lastly, Oreo Cookie macaron! Yup it’s wonderful. Nothing can go wrong with everyone’s childhood favourite.

    My ranking for my little indulgence is as follows:
    Earl Grey Homemade Ice Cream > Hazelnut and Oreo Cookie macaron > Tarte Citron > Feuilletine macaron > Mango Chocolat Blanc macaron.

    I didn’t realise that I have forgotten to order Fleur De Sel Caramel macaron (Salty macaron, as some call it). I guess this will be my excuse for my future re-visit to the Chocolaterie.