Thanks to YW, I got  to visit Gardens by the Bay for free as part of her company’s Family Day.

We started with a visit to 鼎泰豐 at Marina Bay Sands for lunch. As usual, it was packed with people and by the time we had our lunch, an hour and a half had passed, making us ‘late’ for the Family Day.

Following the directions at Bayfront Mrt Station, we were welcomed by the rain as we walked towards Gardens by the Bay.

Gardens by the Bay tickets Gardens by the Bay

First stop was Flower Dome. The photos below were taken in the Flower Dome, including the function room, which was used to hold the Family Day.

Below is the Cloud Forest. It was already 8pm when I went in, and my camera and the night ain’t best of friends… hence the lack of good images.

Lastly from last shots from Gardens by the Bay.