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    Latest purchase

    Latest purchase

    Finally they have arrived! J Album and Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus!

    Back to the books…
    I shall work on a new layout after my exams~!

    fire smoke and all

    fire smoke and all

    My one official no lecture day for this sem was rather unexpected.

    It was also the first time that I saw that much smoke [even more than the CWP incident].

    It happened when the Singtel person came to check on my tv box and internet connnection. Then I was looking out of the window randomly, and I saw smoke coming out from an unit few levels below mine. At first I was not sure if I was imaginating or if it’s just some haze blown to us again. Then again the amount of smoke was too much to be haze and then i called out, asking why was there smoke out there… My mum and the service guy were also not certain so we went out of our house to check and then we saw even more smoke from diagonally below and then people from opposite blocks were looking rather alarmed. Then we realised that there’s a fire in an unit at the 5th level.

    It was rather alarming to know that there’s a fire going on near you and that you are kinda stuck since that unit is rather close to the stairs which is the only way of escape for people living at my side of the block. At that point of moment, I kinda panic – I was kinda speaking unclearly to the fire station person on the phone – rattling off my block, mobile and name.

    Luckily the fire wasnt big[I guess since I didnt go down to see the extent of the burn], and the firemen arrived within minutes. The next few minutes were even more smoke from the extinguishing i think. I believed the entire process took 15-20minutes? It could be less than that but again one doesn’t look at the time when in this situation.

    As for the cause of the fire – we are still unsure – it seemed to be that the bedsheets had caught fire?

    Well I hope that more info will be released.. now it’s time for me to finish with my MCQs before heading to bed.

    Local anesthesia vs General anesthesia

    Local anesthesia vs General anesthesia

    It seems like my lymph nodes/TB will be causing me more problems in the future. Hell present wise, it’s been doing their best to make me horrible.

    What I had expected from an injection type of tissue removal for more medicial treatment, turned out to be another biopsy though this time round I’m very much awake to know what’s happening in the OR. And after knowing this little difference between local anesthesia and general anesthesia, well I guess I will prefer general anesthesia despite all the puking.

    So now I have another wound on the right side of my throat and once again I have another appointment with dear doctors next monday for removal of stitches.

    Will I ever be cured?

    I doubt so since the bug doesnt seem to be killed and all TB-in-lymph-nodes-patients do know that relapse do occur…

    Anyway I do hope that yesterday’s the last time that I’m going under the knife.

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    I’m back from my trip to Cameron and Genting Highlands.

    Too lazy to upload any photos.

    Well I better go finish my challenge. Will continue this tomorrow.

    the holiday begins

    the holiday begins

    Nightmare will resume on the 22nd May. I doubt that it would not be horrible, given the number of questions I know how to solve in the exams.

    Anyway now is the time to enjoy. After the exams, all of us went out on Wed, shopping, watching movie (Taken) and the day ended with me, Yuan Wen, Jiaxin and Abigail having dinner at Soul Garden. And that’s the first time I stayed at Taka until 10pm, on a weekday somemore~

    Today I went to celebrate my aunt’s birthday. I finally saw my cousin’s bf. Well I can say he’s rather considerate… He might be my future cousin-in-law, but then away my cousin is young(around 25?)…

    Speaking of marriage at a young age, I just came across the news of my dear Nanba senpai’s marriage to singer Ayaka. 水嶋 ヒロ(25) married Ayaka(22) on February 22, 2009. I believe many were rather dissappointed, since there’s one less ikemen. Anyway I hope that they will have a good marriage and that Ayaka will recover soon from her Graves’ Disease.

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